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这个是设置比列用的 比如在线性布局里定义了3 然后在里面的textview里定义2 里面的另外一个textview里定义1 这样两个textview就是2比一的比列显示了 然后你得把宽度设置为0dp

当View的width,height为wrap_content或者0dp/px/sp时,若设定了weight,那么layout就会从剩余的未确定的layout中,根据weight的总和,也就是weightSum来计算需要为这样的View设置多少长宽。width = leftWidth * weight / weightSum; height = le...

android:clipchildren Defines whether a child is limited to draw inside of its bounds or not. android:clipToPadding Defines whether the ViewGroup will clip its drawing surface so as to exclude the padding area. android:weightsum...

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